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Pickup Systems LTD sees growth in interest in light fire appliances

Pickup Systems sees growth in
interest in light fire appliances
The combination of engineering excellence
and design innovation has led to Pickup
Systems becoming one of the leading
manufacturers and distributors of a
comprehensive array of fire fighting and
emergency specialist light commercial
vehicles. Its market leading support, design
and sourcing of new and used vehicles has
seen huge growth in the fire division, with
the company being recognised as a one-stop
partner for critical services.
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A STORM IS COMING…The All New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Compac by Pickup Systems

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Compac

The Sprinter Compac is powered by a gutsy 190 hp Euro VI engine, which drives through an automatic or six-speed manual transmission, and has a factory-built steel crew cab with seating for up to five firefighters. Its body is constructed from high-strength polypropylene and includes lockers and slide-and-tilt drawers to carry tools and equipment safely and securely, as well as an 800-litre water tank and Godiva KP2 PTO-powered pump. A nine-metre ladder is stowed on the roof.

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The Vauxhall Movano – Linesman Vehicle

The Vauxhall MovanoLinesman Vehicle

The Vauxhall Movano Linesman Vehicle from Pickup Systems offers the perfect conversion to take care of a transient workforce. Providing a built-in compact twin hob unit for the preparation of hot food and snacks, drying facilities and pull lift manager for ropes chains and other heavy equipment.

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Utility Vehicles – Specialists in converting all types of vans and trucks


#Utilityvehicles When delivering engineering support to your customers in difficult
locations 24/7 you require a versatile robust vehicle that can deliver
results fast and efficiently. Pickup Systems utility vehicles offer bespoke
solutions to satisfy all of your needs. Various body configurations offer
access and storage for tools, pull-out drawer systems, penny lifts, work
benches with pull-out vice systems, scene lighting and on-board power
solutions to maximise the space and payload of any vehicle. Read more


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