Uprating is usually to raise one model to the level of the next. It would be exceedingly rare to skip a model to achieve a double uprate. The first process is to establish the difference(s) between the models with particular regard to safety critical components such as brakes, suspension and tyres. This assessment can only be made with the co-operation of the vehicle manufacturer.

    • One cannot generalise and say that every vehicle can be uprated. In fact, there are other factors that may have to be taken into account. For instance, a manufacturer may be well aware that a model is capable of being uprated but for reasons related to marketing policy, he may well indicate that warranty would be withdrawn were we to proceed. Sometimes, engineering considerations alone are not sufficient. Under these circumstances, we would not proceed.
    • I am not aware of any vehicle manufacturer who has not at one time or another sanctioned an uprate provided that it was carried out in accordance with their specifications. It has always been our policy to work with manufacturers rather than against them.

  • The method and cost involved in uprating a vehicle differs through nearly all makes and models. Please contact us with the details of your vehicle to see whether it would uprate.

To uprate to 3.5 tonnes what we need from you – for all applications –
Your company name, address and postal code,
a contact name, and telephone number.
The weight at which you wish to operate the vehicle,
the name of your preferred goods vehicle testing station,
vehicle Chassis number and registration.

For a quote contact us at info@pickup-systems.com or give us a call on Tel: (+44) 01282 454962.